Let's Be Natural DetoxMe - What and why?

Is DetoxMe for...well me?

To answer that, ask yourself the following;

Do you often feel tired or run down?

Do you suffer unexplained stomach or digestion upsets?

Do you suffer from sensitivities or allergies?

Do you often feel overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed?

Do you get nagging headaches?

Do you struggle to stay focused, concentrate, or recall recent events?

If you have answered yes to 1 or more of these questions, then you're most likely going to answer the first question "Yes"...If you have already forgotten the very first question, well then you're a definite Yes!

DetoxMe is a program targeted at naturally detoxing your body and your life.

Detoxification is an indepth, complex, system of functions carried out by your body everyday, at a very successful rate I might add. So why would you detox if the human body is, at its functional capacity, already taking care of this for you? Like everything else our body has a limit to how much it can handle. So with every cheeky indulgence, drinking session, sleepless night, and stressful week, we are loading more and more strain on our body, and sometimes our body's, like us, just need a little breather.

If you wish to learn more about the detoxification process read on.

Let's Be Natural DetoxMe - The 6 week program

An intense and all encompassing detoxification program aimed at lowering the toxic burden on your body. Through naturapathic consults, nutrition and meal plans, removing external toxin exposure in the form of body care, cleaning products, oral care, and plenty of other hidden nasties that perhaps you've overlooked in the past, DetoxMe will help your body expell nasty toxins improving overall health, wellbeing and vitality.

This is not a "Detox in a Box", it is not a snap juice cleanse or fast, it is a complete holistic approach to detox your life and have you living happier, healthier and more vibrantly. The program includes;

  • Three Naturopathic Consultations spread out across the 6 weeks
  • Nutritional support and meal plans for the duration of the program
  • Recipe ideas and suggestions
  • A full course of Metagenics detox supplements to aid the detox process and support vital organs
  • In store support and contact
  • Discounts in store for detox products and produce, for the duration of the program

Information session will be held on Monday the 22nd of August at 6pm. We will have a guest speaker from Metagenics, run through the different programs and support on offer, and have some tastings for you to try. The talk will only go for approximately 15 to 30mins, and then everyone can break off, have some tasters and a bit of a chat. 

Call or e-mail to book your spot, spaces will be limited and are already filling fast.