East Bali Cashews

A guilt free snack in more ways than one, East Bali Cashews, apart from being a delight for the senses, is also a treat for the soul.

The company tags itself as 'A Social Enterprise', focused on giving back to the community that provides these delicious wild harvested nuts. In the 2 years since they began operating, they have created over 200 jobs and a workforce that is 95% women! In empoverished regions where jobs are scarce, this is a very big deal to the locals and their families. To read some of the amazing stories of the employees and what the company is all about visit their website: http://eastbalicashews.com/ it's all about knowing your guilty indulgence is going to help others less fortunate.

Available in 4 different flavours, these cashews come in the perfect resealble snack size for the office, handbag, or schoolbag. Full of the good fats and healthy way to provide energy throughout the day, these taste the way a cashew should. Salty or sweet, with kick or more subtle, these cashews really satisfy. Share them with friends or maybe keep them for yourself, this snack is one that will surely satisfy and leave you smiling.