Hurraw Lip Balm

Paw Paw just not cutting it? Looking for an all natural, vegan, raw, fair trade, effective and affordable alternative? Look no further, Hurraw!

You may have seen one of these bad boys pop out of a pocket, being applied at a sporting field, or sitting on a colleagues desk and wondered about it. If all the great tag lines that come with this product weren't enough to persuade you, maybe these will help put those last little doubts to rest before you throw away that aging collection of chapsticks and lip balms you have accumulating at the bottom of your bag, or back of bathroom draw, and put your faith in this little beauty. Not only does it glide on the lip, it does so without leaving a sticky or overly glossy residue. It's long lasting, it doesn't go grainy and best yet doesn't melt in your back pocket!

So now that you've realised what an awesome little lip balm this is, now you get to choose between a wide range of flavours, over a dozen in fact from cinnamon or black cherry, to mint or chai spice. These premium organic, cold pressed, and wild crafted, balms of gold also give you a SPF15 option. So stop hoarding those lip balms and tubes of paw paw that just aren't doing it for you any more and give your lips a treat, give them Hurraw!