Neti Nose Best

Runny nose slowing you down? You're becoming the annoying mouth breather at your office? Well you can breath easy we have the solution.

You may have heard about the Neti Pot, it's the nasal wash that was around before nasal washing became a thing. It does exactly what a nasal wash sounds like it does, cleans the nasal passages. So why do this? Those of you who have suffered from a cold, flu, hayfever, and suffered runny nose (I'd imagine this to be everyone with a nose), will know sometimes it just keeps dripping or no matter how much you blow always feels blocked. Calling the Neti Pot! A natural way to remove excess mucus without the irritaion of harsh chemicals, medicated products, or that awful red rash that occurs when you've tried blowing your nose too many times. Natural relief from allergy and sinus symptoms, wash away dust, pollen, and any other irritants to protect your nasal health.

For those of you who have already attempted and fallen in love with a natural nasal wash solution, will know this is not something you want to be doing at work or in a public bathroom. So for those of you on the go, no time for the hang around sniffle that just won't leave with the rest of the cold, well there's a solution for you too. Introducing the Neti Stick! Small, compact, and non-attention grabbing, this little wonder combines some potent essential oils to relieve a stuffy nose and you breath a little easier. So whether you're traveling, hayfever springs apon you at any time, or just don't want to be the sniffler in a quiet office, keep this little trick close at hand.