A lot of us think paper coffee cups are harmless since they are made of paper and they’d easily go back to the “circle of life” and breakdown to the basic elements again. However, it is not quite the case. Depends on the cups, most of them do have a component of plastic in them. "These cups have a plastic lining that, when they go away, either end up in landfill — they don't biodegrade — or they end up in the environment where they become a major pollution hazard," said environmentalist Tim Silverwood, "Even though the paper may degrade and become inert, the plastic will stick around for a really long time." Coffee cups are estimated to be the second-largest contributor to litter waste after plastic bottles*.

Plastic bottles and disposable coffee cups are reported to be a major pollution hazard*. Although a lot of them marked as recyclable, most of them still go into landfill or somewhere they are not supposed to be, like the ocean. We have also all heard that a great number of innocent animals both in the ocean and on land have been killed by plastic floating around. This is very sad reality. “Someone should do something about it!” That’s what I’d normally say. Hang on a minute, why can’t we all be that “someone”? Not all heroes wear capes right? We only need to change a small habit in our lives, together we can make a huge difference. Say, if you are a regular coffee drinker, average one cup a day from a coffee shop, instead of using the disposable cups, bringing your own re-usable funky and stylish cup over and refill it every day. This can reduce 365 cups going into the waste in a year by just one person! I’ve formed a habit of having my cup in my bag all the time, not just for coffee (in my case chai latte), I get hot chocolates at food festivals, warm ginger honey drinks at markets with it, it’s BRILLIANT.




Yes we all understand why we use disposable water bottles, it’s convenient. But, we can’t just turn a blind eye to what it does to our environment and our body because of convenience. Carry a re-useable bottle with you when you can, every time we avoid buying a bottle of water, we stop a bottle from going into landfill and potentially from killing animals and plants. Again, not all heroes wear capes.

Let’s be nice to the environment and ourselves. Let’s make a difference together. 


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* From ABC online news Takeaway coffee cups piling up in landfill as Australia's caffeine habit soars