We are now stocking Healthy Bajke bread at Let's Be Natural.  This range of organic and "free from" breads are tasty and free from artificial preservatives.

They use only certified organic flour in their bread and focus on unhybridised grain also known as ancient grain like spelt, khorasan ans oat.These ancient grains are often better tolerated and more easily digested than the more common hybridised super market varieties.  Where possible they source all Australian ingredients.

They have also recently launched some new ranges including a Seaweed loaf which is suprisingly tasty, protein loaf and super foods loaf.

The range is extensive and since it doesn't have preservatives only has a 1 week shelf life from when it is received buy us, so naturally we can't stock it all initially.  If you are interested in trying a particular loaf then please ask us and we can see if we can get it in.

We will have some on tasting every Saturday for a while so drop in and give it a go.

Here is the full list...

Rye Fruit Nut & Seed Loaf

Organic Oat Sourdough Cob

Organic Spelt – White

Organic Spelt – Wholemeal

Organic Spelt Fruit Buns

Organic Spelt Pizza Base

Organic Spelt Wholemeal Rolls

Organic Spelt White Rolls

Organic Rye Wholemeal

Organic Mini Rolls Ancient Grain

Organic Rye Grid

Organic White Khorasan

Organic Wholemeal Khorasan

Organic Spelt Wholegrain

Organic Ancient Grains & Seed

Organic Ancient Grains & Seed - Wholemeal

Organic Khorasan & Seeds

Organic Yarra Valley Light Rye

Organic Vintage Khorasan Sourdough

Organic Khorasan & Linseed Bread

Organic Farmhouse (Rye & Seeds)

Organic Rye & Caraway

Organic Ancient Grains & Seed Rolls

Organic Millet (With Spelt)

Organic Oat Multigrain

Organic Barley (With Spelt)

Organic Wholemeal Poppy Spelt

Organic Sesame Spelt

Organic Spelt Fruit Loaf

Organic Spelt Soy & Linseed

Organic Bavarian Sourdough

Organic Oatbran Sourdough

Organic Seven Seed Cob

Organic Honey Oat

Organic Khorasan Rolls

Breadcrumbs – Organic Spelt - NEW

Breadcrumbs – Organic Khorasan - NEW

Breadcrumbs – Gluten Free - NEW

Breadcrumbs – Tomato & Basil GF - NEW

Classic White Organic Gluten Free Bread

Organic Gluten Free 5 Seed

Gluten Free Fruit ‘n Spice

Organic Superfoods Sourdough

Organic Protein Sourdough

Organic Quinoa - NEW

Oat, Date & Chia - NEW

Organic Amaranth - NEW

Organic Brown Seaweed - NEW

Normal Life Gluten Free Hi Fibre White

Normal Life Gluten Free Hi Fibre Multigrain

Normal Life Gluten Free Hi Fibre Spicy Fruit

Normal Life Gluten Free Hi Fibre Cranberry

Normal Life Gluten Free Hi Fibre Tomato & Basil

Normal Life Gluten Free Hi Fibre Olive & Herb