Crowd Funding Campaign

What we need

We need a fridge to put it in.  The estimated cost is $6000.  For more variety and more stable supply we need a cool room at about $9000.

The funding campaign will be in two stages.  The first stage to purchase the fridge  and the next stage the cool room.

What you get

You get fresh organic fruit and veg available here at Mawson! 

Plus you get discounts (1/3 off) up to a set limit based on your contribution. 

Discount Table 

E.g. you contribute $100 then you get 1/3 off until the amount you have saved reaches $200 ($600 worth of fruit and veg purchased).


We plan to have stage 1 of the funding campaign complete by 31/08/2016 and the service to start soon after.  Members will have a minimum period of 6 months to use their discount limit.

This is a quick campaign, so don't delay!

First come first served and once the money is raised we will won't accept further contributions.


How it works

Members contribute a set amount which will be used to purchase equipment, specifically a fridge and cool room which will be owned and used by Let's Be Natural to make fresh organic fruit and vegetables available to customers.

Contributing members will be provided with a discount voucher code to a value (the Discount Limit) dependent on the amount that they contribute.

When contributing members purchase fresh fruit and vegetable from Let's Be Natural, they will recieve a 33% discount.  The amount of discount from each purchase will be totalled until the contributing member reaches their discount limit, at which point the discount will no longer apply. 

On the occasion of the purchase that takes the contributing member past their discount limit, the discount granted will be the difference between the dicount limit and the amount of discount previously used, i.e. the balance of the available discount.

What happens if we don't raise enough money?

Should the purchase of equipment and provision of service not proceed for any reason including not enough money being raised, then no discounts will be applied and contribtuions may be redeemed.  Members that have contributed will have two options available to redeem their contribution.

1.  They may choose to redeem their contribution as store credit, in which case Let's Be Natural will issue store credit to a value 10% higher than their contribution. 

2.  The may choose to redeem their contribution as a straight refund.

Join us to make this a reality!

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