Spring Wholefoods

At LBN we are constantly encountering new customers that have been told that they may be gluten intolerant and people newly diagnosed as coeliac.  This can be a bit of a shock and it can be difficult to start the journey towards a gluten free lifestyle.   Things are looking better though with a much larger range of gluten free products now available at health food shops, and the quality of gluten free products available is getting much better.

We found Spring Wholefoods in Sydney at the Naturally Good Festival earlier this year with Radley in the Vege Kitchen offering generous toasted morsels covered in organic butter for us to taste.  It is a pleasant flavor with slightly sour over tone as you may expect from a fermented or sprouted bread.  After returning to our health food store in Canberra we were confronted with very vocal LBN members “requesting” that we stock it.  So we gave it a go.

You may be asking why fermented and sprouted?  Through digestion your body breaks down starches from grain into simple sugars that it uses for energy.   Many people have problems digesting grain.  Sprouting pre-digests the grain making it easier for the body to make the transformation.  Sprouting may also reduce the amount of carbohydrate available by as much as 25%, reduce available fat and may retain more protein.  Sprouted breads made from wheat may be tolerated by people with slight gluten intolerance although still not suitable for people with coeliac.  Fermenting adds good bacteria (probiotics), which is essential to good gut health and digestion by recolonising the stomach flora.

Spring wholefoods start with gluten free organic grain such as quinoa, buckwheat and millet. The grain is sprouted and cultured (fermented) with coconut kefir taking a few days.  It is then slow baked to retain as mush as possible of the beneficial nutrients and probiotic good bacteria.  The result is organic, gluten free, easily digested, bread full of beneficial bacteria or probiotics.

Below is a testimonial from one of our LBN Members in who loves it and in whose household this bread has become a staple.  Thanks Cath, your input is very much appreciated. :)

Let's be healthy, happy and natural.


Testimonial:  Sprouted Fermented and Yeast and Gluten Free Bread– Nutritious and Easy on Sensitive Stomach

I love Spring Wholefoods’ sprouted and fermented bread.   We have it as a treat on Saturday mornings toasted with ghee, avocado, eggs and salt-only bacon.  It also makes a great emergency afternoon tea for the kids, with frozen slices quickly toasted in a sandwich press.  One of my sons has a very sensitive stomach and as a result he prefers to stick to ‘real food’ (unprocessed, nutritious and usually prepared using age old traditions).  That’s what makes this bread so fantastic, it’s made out of nutritious gluten free ingredients and prepared using age old techniques for increasing digestibility and nutritional uptake, that is sprouting and fermenting before baking. Great for those with a yeast allergy.

A few years ago my family worked with a dietician in Melbourne on a gut healing diet (3 months GAPS diet) after which she recommend we try to introduce a sprouted, fermented buckwheat bread.   Sure enough it was a winner with the whole family.  Only problem is that it takes 3-4 days to make. Imagine my sheer delight when I discovered I could buy the bread from Spring Wholefoods (an artisan bakery in Sydney, very inspiring) through my local health food store in Canberra.

I buy several loaves at a time, slice, freeze in batches and pull out of the freezer as needed.  This gets around the used by date.  If I’ve bought a frozen loaf, I thaw, slice and refreeze in batches.


Holder, ACT