Vegan ACT

Let's Be Natural is pleased to announce that we are now offering 10% discount to Vegan ACT members.  Plus you will still accrue loyalty points which provides additional value!

All our products are stocked at or below RRP so this represents fantastic value for Vegan ACT members.

PLUS you can shop online with thousands of products to choose from and cheap delivery around Canberra, free if it is over $100!  At this stage delivery is limited to non-refridgerated and non-frozen goods.

The discount will apply store wide excluding already discounted items and bulk food.  Bulk food may be included in the near future.

To redeem the discount:

  • You must be a current card carrying member of Vegan ACT
  • You must present your Vegan ACT card in store, after the first sighting of your card you may purchase online and still receive the discount.
  • You must have a current ACT or nearby NSW (within 50km) address.
  • You must join the Let's Be Natural Community, our loyalty program
  • You agree to details of your membership (name, email address etc) being shared between Vegan ACT and Let's Be Natural

Please note:

The discount will be removed at our discretion should you purchase non-vegan items or your Vegan ACT membership expires or for any other reason that we deem appropriate.  Should you need to purchase non-vegan items for a family member then we suggest that you do it under another name or to avoid losing the discount privalege, or alternatively talk to a staff member prior to purchase.

The discount will continue as a trial until August 2016.


Let's live, let's love, let's be natural!