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Bulk Wholefoods, Cleaning and Personal Care at Let's Be Natural Mawson

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COVID-19 Announcement!

Due COVID-19, our self serve bulk wholefoods section is temporarily closed to members and the public.

Should you need anything from this section our friendly staff are always here to assist and will dispense items for you at no additional charge.

You can still BYOC (Bring Your Own Containers), and staff will dispense items directly for you.

Online ordering

Our bulk and unpackaged items are not available through our online store at this stage.  Should you require anyting from this area delivered to your home, then please call the store on (02) 62863775.  We will take the order over the phone, prepare it and then give you a call for payment via credit/debit card.

BYOC, living packaging free

Want to reduce waste and BYOC at the same time?  You may also drop in your containers to the store, please ensure that they have been properly and recently cleaned and marked with the item number and rough quantity you would like. We will fill your containers and can deliver them in our weekly delivery along with your other items (delivery fees apply).

Please note:  We will not accept, handle, fill or wash any containers that do not appear in a clean and sanitary state.  Staff sanitise their hands before and after handling your containers, but will not clean or sanitise your containers.

Stock availability

Given numerous present factors, it's difficut to keep certain items stocked at sufficient levels.  The are currently some restrictions on the amount of certain items you may purchase.  This is to help spread product evenly to our members. These limits apply regardless of your ordering or purchase method.

Bulk & unpacked price list

The attached document is a list of items and prices currently available from our bulk and unpackaged areas.  Although we will try to keep this up to date weekly, it is difficult given the nature of the items and how they are sold.  Please use it as a guide when ordering but please be aware that some items may not be available. 

Download Price List