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Dried Fruit

Dried fruit is a nutritious snack food and cooking ingredient. Our dried fruits are natural or organic without artificial preservatives.

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  • Banana Chips Organic

    Banana Chips Organic Lotus

  • Cranberries Chocolate Coated

    Cranberries Chocolate Coated Loving Earth

  • Inca Berries Chocolate Coated

    Inca Berries Chocolate Coated Loving Earth

  • Organic Dried Banana Coins | 175g

    Organic Dried Banana Coins Honest To Goodness

  • Organic Prunes Cooked | 250g

    Organic Prunes Cooked Honest To Goodness

  • Umeboshi Plums Organic

    Umeboshi Plums Organic SPIRAL FOODS


6 Item(s)

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