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Gluten free and organic vegetable chips, organic kale, coconut, seaweed chips and more. Delicious!

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  • Beetroot Chips

    Beetroot Chips THOMAS CHIPMAN

  • Chia & Quinoa Multigrain Chips

    Chia & Quinoa Multigrain Chips LateJuly

  • Chips Lentil with Jalapeno

    Chips Lentil with Jalapeno Simply 7

  • Corn Chips – Ancient Grains

    Corn Chips Ancient Grains THOMAS CHIPMAN

  • Corn Chips Low Salt

    Corn Chips Low Salt THOMAS CHIPMAN

  • Mixed Root Chips

    Mixed Root Chips THOMAS CHIPMAN

  • Organic Blue Tortilla Chip

    Organic Blue Tortilla Chip R W Garcia

  • Organic Purple Corn Chips

    Organic Purple Corn Chips LateJuly

  • Potato Chips Low Salt

    Potato Chips Low Salt THOMAS CHIPMAN

  • Potato Chips Rosemary & Thyme

    Potato Chips Rosemary & Thyme THOMAS CHIPMAN

  • Red Wine Vinegar Chips | 142g

    Red Wine Vinegar Chips Boulder Canyon

  • Sea Salt

    Sea Salt Gimme

  • Totally Natural Chips | 142g (POS System)

    Sea Salt Chips Boulder Canyon

  • Sesame

    Sesame Gimme

  • Sweet Potato Chips

    Sweet Potato Chips THOMAS CHIPMAN

  • Teriyaki

    Teriyaki Gimme


16 Item(s)

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