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Superfoods! Huh?

What is a superfood? It is simply a natural food which is dense in quality vitamins and minerals. Superfoods offer an easy way to add extra nutrition into our diets often without significant extra calories, artificial chemicals, harmful fats or other nasties. They may boost energy levels, help build our immunity and provide a nutrition boost which may be needed if diet is lacking in some way.

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  • Ambrosia Beauty Tonic

    Ambrosia Beauty Tonic Teelixir

  • Chaga Superfood Mushrooms

    Chaga Superfood Mushrooms Teelixir

  • Coconut Charcoal

    Coconut Charcoal Teelixir

  • Cordyceps Superfood Mushrooms

    Cordyceps Superfood Mushrooms Teelixir

  • Immune Defence Blend

    Immune Defence Blend Teelixir

  • Lions Mane Superfood Mushrooms

    Lions Mane Superfood Mushrooms Teelixir

  • Maitake Mushroom

    Maitake Mushroom Teelixir

  • Pine Pollen

    Pine Pollen Teelixir

  • Primal Energy Blend

    Primal Energy Blend Teelixir

  • Reishi Superfood Mushrooms

    Reishi Superfood Mushrooms Teelixir

  • Schizandra

    Schizandra Teelixir


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