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Fresh Item Ordering & Delivery

Let's Be Natural is offering Fresh product delivery to Southside suburbs of Weston Creek, Woden, Molongolo and Tuggeranong.  Along side our standard product offering's.

This includes fresh bread and our range of refrigerated and frozen items (collectively referred to as Fresh).

Initially this is to help our local members through the period of isolation due to the COVID-19 virus, however if successful we will continue after as we believe it could provide an opportunity to supply a wider range of product with minimal wastage.

Ordering Schedule

We are operating a strict ordering schedule for Fresh items.

Specifically, orders must by received by 8am Monday for delivery on Friday.  Orders received after this time will be considerred an order for the following week.

When ordering please, select "Local Fresh" as the delivery method.

Orders that do not contain Fresh, Frozen or Refrigerated items may still be placed at anytime and will be dispatched asap.

Transport & Delivery

Your Frozen and Refrigerated items will be transported in an insulated box with ice-packs, at times that box may be left at your premises.  We ask that you take care of the box and ice-packs, keep them as clean as possible and either leave them out for pickup the following week should you order again. Alternatively, please drop them off to Let's Be Natural at Mawson at your convenience.  We will sanitise items before re-use.

Refunds & Returns

Fresh items carry a specific refund policy, this is seperate to our normal refund policy.  In simple terms it excludes refunds for "change of mind" since these are fresh or volatile items that have left our control. 

Should we not be able to supply an item for whatever reason, then we will provide an immediate Refund.

Should an item not be what you desire but is in-date and properly named on our website, then we will not provide a Refund.

Should you change your mind after orderring but not yet received the goods, then we will not provide a Refund since these are Pre-Order items. 

Should an item not meet your quality expectation, then we will consider it on a case by case basis and may need to contact our supplier before providing a Refund, however if goods are considerred to be in good condition and "as specified" when delivered then a Refund will not be provided.