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The Benefits of Organic Body Wash, and Where You Can Find It in Australia - in Canberra, Sydney, or Online

Did you know that you can absorb toxins through your skin? Anybody striving to live a healthy and organic lifestyle has probably done everything possible to reduce the number of toxins in their environment. If you’re trying to be as healthy as you can, you have likely gone out of your way to eat only the healthiest foods, drink purified water, and use products to help detoxify your body and environment. But have you looked into what you use on your skin? Body washes can contain toxins and other poisonous ingredients that could be harmful to your body.

Why Organic Body Wash Is the Right Choice for Your Body

Before we begin to discuss the importance of organic body wash (and where you can find an organic body wash online), let’s take a look at some of the dangers that regular body washes can pose to your body.

Popular types of soaps are typically produced with industrial processes. It's no surprise that questionable chemicals, dyes, and fragrances can wind up in the product, and if you're living an organic lifestyle, those are the things you want to avoid. The ingredients in some of these products can even harm the environment, which is not what anyone living an eco-friendly lifestyle would want.

For example, microbeads in body washes and exfoliating products are doing substantial harm to the environment. Microbeads are microplastics, produced to serve as a ‘gentler’ alternative to natural and organic products like walnut shells. However, microbeads are often too small to be filtered out during water treatment, meaning that it is released into waterways. This does significant harm to the oceans and marine ecosystems. See this video courtesy of the Story of Stuff for more info.

But these types of products don’t just harm the ecosystem – they can be harmful to your skin. Many people with sensitive skin feel negative effects from chemically laden soaps and body washes. Even if you do not feel ill effects from the chemicals, they dry out your skin. This is often because non-organic soaps do not contain glycerine, which your body needs to keep skin moisturised.

Take a look at the ingredients before you buy your soap. In general, it should contain ingredients you can recognise, like aloe, goat milk, essential oils, sunflower seed, coconut oil, peppermint, oats, and more. If it sounds like something you would be comfortable using on your body, it’s generally a safe bet.

In general, organic body washes are a product that you can place your trust in, and the better choice for your skin. If you’re looking for healthy organic body wash in Sydney or Canberra, you should also consider steering clear from products of untrusted brands.

Where to Look for Organic Body Wash Online

If you are looking for an organic body wash online, Let's Be Natural is the right choice. We are an organic and eco-friendly lifestyle shop with a location in Canberra. If you wish to make healthy choices and shop for the best organic body wash brands in Sydney, Canberra, or anywhere else in Australia, you can explore our options online at any time.