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Why Choose Organic Moisturisers? (And Where Can You Find Them in Australia, Whether It Be in Sydney or Canberra or Online?)

Moisturisers are a terrific product to use if you want silky smooth skin, but did you know that some moisturisers could be harming your skin? Did you know that you could be increasing your risk of skin cancer and other health issues by using the wrong types of moisturisers? Moisturisers filled with chemicals and unnatural ingredients can be a bad choice to make if you are trying to stay healthy and be eco-friendly. You can absorb toxins through your skin, making the elements in your moisturiser of choice much more important than you may have ever thought.

The Benefits of an Organic Moisturiser

Before we start talking about the benefits of organic moisturisers (and where you can buy them in Sydney or Canberra), it’s important to understand the risks of using the wrong moisturiser. You may have thought your moisturiser was totally harmless, but did you know that you can absorb toxins just as easily through your skin as you can through what you eat and drink? This means that the ingredients in your body wash and moisturiser are just as important when it comes to staying healthy.

Consider for a moment that your skin is the largest organ in your body. Anything that you put on your skin becomes absorbed into your bloodstream quite quickly. Any toxins that enter your bloodstream are not always easy to eradicate. That means it’s extremely important to make sure you are only putting natural and healthy ingredients onto your skin, but many popular moisturisers contain chemicals and untested ingredients.

Consider the ingredients of the moisturiser before you purchase it. If it’s not organic, check the ingredients – do you recognise them? Would you eat them or put them in your body in another way? If you wouldn’t, then you likely shouldn’t be rubbing it into your skin. Watch out for moisturisers that contain mineral oil, as this is a derivative of petroleum, and you don’t want that on your skin. Mineral oil might also be called lignite oil, liquid paraffin, baby oil, albolene, drakeol, and more.

Be careful to check the ingredients and make sure mineral oil isn’t one of them. Studies have tentatively linked usage of mineral oil based moisturisers with an increased risk of skin cancer. Organic is the safer choice, especially with ingredients you can recognise – such as coconut oil or oats.

Organic moisturisers do more than just give you healthy and smooth skin. They’re also better for the environment. The chemicals contained in some moisturisers can be dangerous for the environment. Plus, many popular moisturisers are formulated to do little to help your skin replenish its natural moisture. Organic moisturisers do not disrupt your body's natural processes, making it the better choice over a long period.

Finding Top Quality Organic Moisturisers Online

You can buy organic moisturisers online by shopping with Let’s Be Natural. We have a location in Canberra as well, so if you are in the Sydney area of Australia, we’re a great choice. Whether you are looking for organic moisturisers in Canberra, Sydney, or just Australia in general, you can browse our range of products on our website.