Allergy, Intolerance & Sensitivities

We provide information on our web site to help customers narrow down their choice and make the shopping process easier.  Although we endeavour to provide as much accurate information about products as we can through our website, the manufacturer or brand is the authority on the product and should be consulted directly for any allergen advice.  We recommend that before making your purchase and before consuming goods that you read the manufacturers labels and web site information.

A product that aggravates an allergy, intolerance or sensitivity is not necessarily a faulty product unless it contains a component that the manufacturer says it does not.  For this reason we will not provide refund, exchange or store credit for used items if they aggravate an allergy, sensitivity or intolerance unless they are in some other way faulty or contrary to the manufacturers claims.  Additionally we reserve to right to refer you directly to the manufacturer for any allergen or intolerance claims or concerns or issues.

We make efforts to minimise cross contamination between product in our bulk / unpackaged area.  However this can never be completely controlled.  By purchasing any loose or unpacked item, you acknowledge that you understand that they may contain traces or particles of any size of other products which may include gluten, nuts, eggs, soy, yeast, wheat and/or other potential allergens.