Plastic, chemical and toxin free

Why organic, natural, toxin and chemical free?

Modern farming practices are generally machine and chemical intensive.  Often operated as a monoculture, these practices leave the land severely lacking in nutrients and the following crop more reliant on further intense chemical use.  In Australia chemicals such as glyphosate, a chemical weed killer banned in some other places of the world is approved and used extensively in both farming and in urban areas, meaning that it finds its way onto our food and into our waterways and thus aquatic ecosystems.  This method of farming also often utilises growth hormones, GMO's and antibiotics.  Society calls this "conventional", and that is sad.

Organic farming practices on the other hand rely on returning nutrients to the soil creating a rich and diverse biome of micronutrients for the next crop (on inhabitant).  They often utilise methods such as crop rotation, crop diversity, green manures, compost, biological pest control, and use only chemical free organic nutrient rich fertilisers and stock feed.  Water run off from organic farms into waterways is also far less threatening to the ecosystems down stream. An organic farm with deep nutrient rich soil built over time acts as a carbon sink helping combat climate change. Animal welfare is better under certified organic standards than in the conventional realm and studies have shown that organically grown food is more nutritious with more anti-oxidants, omega-3s and micro- nutrients. 

So given we know that both methods can produce the food we need to "survive", which should we choose?  Which one do you want to put into your body?  Which one do you think will help you to thrive, with vibrant health and longevity?  It's a no brainer really.  Some may say "but organic food is more expensive" and in most cases that is true, organic products cost more to produce and often have a shorter shelf life.  But the cost is small in relation to other things we choose to spend our money on.  You can choose cheap food but may pay for it with your health and medical bills down the track, or you can choose natural and organic food hopefully leading you to good health and a sustainable balance with nature. 

Where to buy organic, natural, chemical free and toxin free food in Canberra?   .... Let's Be Natural.

Plastic Free Canberra

Micro-plastics in our food, islands of plastic in the ocean...  Say what!  How did it get to this point?

The plastic dependence that our society now has is quite frankly out of control.  Single use plastics are everywhere, so much so that it's hard to buy anything these days without some sort of plastic use.   Mountains of plastic on land and islands of plastic in the ocean, micro-plastics found in items such as fish and vegetables.

We demand out of season foods, foods with long shelf life, protection for goods in transit, security packaging etc, we demand convenience.  Plastic is used to ensure quality and make life "easy" and to be honest it does a pretty good job of it (at least for us but maybe not future generations), but we can't keep going like this and there are less toxic, less impact alternatives and lifestyle practices that we need to embrace.  We all need to make conscious purchasing decisions, nudge others to come down a plastic free path and do whatever we can as individuals.

How to Live Plastic Free

We as individuals can't easily control our indirect, behind the scenes plastic impact, and we can't easily affect the practices of other people and other countries. We can make small lifestyle sacrifices and changes to help reduce our contribution to the problem and lead by example both as individuals and as a society.  Some ideas for individuals are:

  • Take your own bags
  • Take your own cutlery, plates, cups etc
  • Choose the plastic free options when shopping
  • Shop at stores that allow you to Bring Your Own Containers
  • Re-use and recycle appropriately, if that means taking it home then so be it 
  • Shop local, shop direct and shop fresh
  • Shop with businesses that actively exhibit a good ethic

Plastic Free options as Let's Be Natural Canberra

Let's Be Natural at Southlands Mawson in Canberra provides a range of options to help you live plastic free.  Significantly our massive bulk food and cleaning products section allows you to Bring Your Own Containers (BYOC) and we have a wide range of lifestyle options such as stainless steel straws, stainless steel pegs, cotton produce bags, keep cups, water bottles and much much more.  Come in and check it out or browse our range of eco friendly products online.


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