What is Zero Waste living? 

Let's face it, it's virtually impossible to live Zero Waste in modern society, city life and particularly without your own functional farm with year round produce.  But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't all try as much as possible to:

  • reduce our waste
  • reduce our impact on the environment
  • preserve natural resources
  • support the recovery of the environment and the climate
  • support other life on our planet

It's really our obligation now. Isn't it?

So how can we help?

Let's Be Natural at Southlands Mawson in Canberra's south, provides a range of solutions that help to significantly reduce the waste we commonly create in our lives.

Bulk / Unpackaged

Let's Be Natural has a massive bulk / unpackaged section with hundreds of items such as whole foods, cleaning products, hair care and more.