Baby Bib

Size: One Size


Sometimes I wish they made these for adults.  Wouldn't life be so much easier if you could just dribble food all over your front and then whip off your bib and go straight back to work!  Awesomeness!
Catching dribbles of milk, teething dribble, mashed pumpkin, that's just the start.  What about those times when it comes up the other way!  These bibs are super soft and gentle on bubs tender neck.  Did you also know that bamboo fabric is odour-resistant and anti-bacterial?  Well now you do.
Absorbent backing layer, press stud fastening, contrast trim, your little man or lady will be able to keep their Boodie Onsie clean and have all the girls and guys at daycare drooling over them, but that won't matter with their super Boodie Bib to soak it up!
Boody Baby is: 
  • extraordinarily soft Ÿ 
  • eco-friendly & ethical Ÿ 
  • free of toxins Ÿ 
  • hypoallergenic Ÿ 
  • anti-odour, anti-bacterial Ÿ 
  • super breathable Ÿ 
  • moisture-wicking & thermo-regulating

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