Organic Coconut Oil

Size: 1L


Niugini organic virgin raw coconut oil comes in a beautiful, and very functional glass kilner jar. Coconut oil is very heat stable so it makes an excellent cooking and frying oil. This coconut oil has a subtle coconut aroma.

How To Use

Niugini Organic Coconut Oil is a white, semi solid oil. The warmer it is the more liquid it becomes, when it is warm, it will be a clear liquid. It has a subtle coconut aroma and adds a very mild pleasant hint of coconut taste to the food. If a liquid oil is preferred, simply heat the coconut oil in a bowl within a bowl of hot water - it will melt quickly. Coconut oil is easy to use, substitute for other oils and fats in baking, melt in a pan for frying, or brush over your meats and vegetables for roasted!

Growing and Processing

What is Single Origin Coconut Oil?
Single origin coconut oil means unblended coconut oil originating from a particular region with its own unique flavour profile. Similar to wine, single origin coconut oil is shaped by tree variety, soil type and altitude. Coconut oils vary in taste from region to region. This is due to the "terroir" or soil composition, weather patterns, altitude and many subtle variables which influence the coconut it comes from. Niugini Organics Raw Virgin Coconut Oilis a genuine single origin coconut oil , and the benefits show. Many of the other Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) are blended with oils sourced from several different regions or even countries. This is mainly due to VCO suppliers sourcing the best possible price for bulk VCO - wherever that takes them. However Niugini Organics does NOT indulge in this type of trade as they are very committed to their source - The Napapa coconut farmers of PNG.

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