Shine Shadow Hair Mask

Certified Organic Vegan Friendly

Size: 100g


Hair Conditioning Mask
100% Certified Organic

FOCUS: condition, shine & dandruff

Shine Shadow will bring back that shine! If your hair is feeling dull and lifeless this is exactly what you need. 20mins is all it will take for this intensive conditioning treatment. With regular use, Shine Shadow will improve the condition of dry and damaged hair. It also has a mild antifungal which can help treat the scalp.

Intense treatment: Prepare your mud mask as per instructions*. Apply to your hair & wrap with a towel. Leave in your hair for 20mins to 1 hour. Rinse well, wash & style. Quick fix treatment (ideal for blondes): Prepare your mask as per instructions*. You will also need your regular conditioner for this recipe. Apply to your hair & wrap with a towel. Leave in your hair for 20mins to 1 hour (see instructions). Rinse well, wash & style.

Certified Organic by NASAA

No Animal Testing

Vegan friendly

No added nasties


Cassia obovata *read and follow instructions found inside your treatment pack.

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