Size: 100ml


Saarinen's Toner is a must for pimply, large pores and hormonal breakout prone skin. Tone daily with this all natural toner, to clean the skin of oils, clarifying pimple prone skin and shrinking pores. With a unique blend of Witch hazel, Rosewater, Lavender essential oil, and fresh herbal infusion of herbs grown on Saarinen Organic's Permaculture farm.


Certified organic Witch Hazel, Certified organic Rose water.
Local, chemical free Mt Darragh Lavender.
Saarinen organics Permaculture grown herbs in a ionised water infusion of Borage, Lavender, Elderflower, Dandelion leaf.
Certified organic Glycerin (non Palm oil vegetable sourced). Chemical free Tincture of Benzoin (tree Bark)

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